Spawn in a snow biome (I don't know the name)Not much to see. Except a little land bridge. some coal can be found there. not much else.

Seed Code: Une baggett

Spawn points

X: 9 / Y: 68 / Z: -10


X: 90 / Y: 70 / Z: 50

A land bridge... You can find some coal... not much to see here.

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where are all the good seeds man D=<

I said not much to see why did you comment?

Where are your seeds, huh? I don't see any that you have uploaded...

this realy sucks

Hey, not to be rude here, but you should most likely find seeds with more features in them before uploading them. You'll get more views and likes too. :)

I know.I did not mean to send this to be submitted. My fault! I even said it was bad.

Are you all crazy $*#?

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