villageforlife Minecraft 1.2 - 1.3.2 Seed

Seed Code: villageforlife

If you want to troll your friends, let them try this Seed. It will spawn them right into a lava lake.

Spawn points

X: -219 / Y: 63 / Z: 255


X: -219 / Y: 63 / Z: 255

You spawn in this Lava lake.

X: -229 / Y: 70 / Z: 209

Right next to the lava lake are some floating dirt blocks and a jungle biome.

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Nice. Please, what program did you use to create the Cartograph Map?


nice seed

i like floating blocks

:( :( :( :( :(

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funny can't wait to use it

Is this a PC seed of a Xbox 360 seed or both?

Tried this on Xbox and it didnt work :(

lol. it spawned me OUTSIDE the lava pit!!

it didnt work on xbox because xbox didnt get the correct update yet ..... stupid

Lame it's a hologram and you all should be
Ashamed of your self any was going this
9 out of 10 good job.

typing villageforlife in the seed box still gives u a random seed

minerman its only for the pc

itsv not for the xbox for crist sake

What texture pack? Sorry, Im just curious.

The default texture pack. What you look for are Sonic Ether's Shaders, google it

lol it spawnd me in the lava

Hi! this has nothing to do with this seed, and im new to this whole thing. how do you upload a screenshot when you are creating a seed? i twould really love some help! thanks

To upload a screenshot, hit F1 to hide your interface, then hit F2 to take a screenshot. (Hit F1 again to return to your interface) Go to start, type in "%appdata%" , go to .minecraft , screenshots, and find the screenshot you took. Open it up in paint or whatever program you prefer, and resize it to the size required (Varies), then go edit the seed, scroll down and you'll find the upload thing as well as the resize requirements :)

i keep spawning in the lava!!! lol

Haha, yeah. I suggest joining in creative mode or you'll die. :P

what is the seed code??

How do you get minecraft friends on 1.2.5 Someone help. Im lonely, once i got so lonely i kept a pig in my house.......

imnew :D :) :( :O :S:B :C:/

i created an acount to say this one thing i was on this and i was looking for sheep (bed) and i stumbled across a fissure (cave thing) at x:-246 z:240 AWESOME!!!!! : )

Find any villages? the name makes me ask.

This is nice for trollin'

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