a island with caves all around the island and a underground spawner

Seed Code: 1330991988

Spawn points

X: 238 / Y: 69 / Z: 549


X: 238 / Y: 69 / Z: 549

spawn some sugar canes, and you need to spawn a bonus chest to survive on the island

X: 281 / Y: 63 / Z: 610

dig down and you will find a dungeon, a spider dungeon

X: 181 / Y: 33 / Z: 610

the dungeon with some goodies if you see that hole in the wall thats what i did and found another dungeon

X: 283 / Y: 17 / Z: 622

the other dungeon that is right were you see that chest in the corner go ther dig 6 blocks and go all the way down and thers the dungeon

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cool it looks like survival island