This seed spawns you in a jungle. It is near a plains biome and a swamp. It is a good troll seed becuase sometimes when you spawn you fall into a pit of lava. There are many secrets to be found and more caverns to explore so good luck on this seed!
(I used better grass mod when taking photos)

Seed Code: -6715039

Spawn points

X: 224 / Y: 72 / Z: 248


X: 34 / Y: 49 / Z: 287

A vine-filled GIANT canyon that is in the middle of the jungle lit up with torches

X: 369 / Y: 65 / Z: 299

The plains biome filled with sheep.
(I promise you that i DID NOT spawn them)

X: 559 / Y: 99 / Z: 404

Epic intersectin biomes! desert, taiga, and plains

X: 113 / Y: 77 / Z: 104

A jungle temple next to a forset and some epic caves!
The chests loot is 5 gold ingots, 3 rotten flesh, 27 bones, and 9 iron ingots

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Awesome seed, I love every part of it!