This is a great world. It is beautiful and has different biomes with obvious borders. There are also other parts to it that are disconnected, and these are the ones that seem to have the caves and ravines. On the main land, there isn't much in the way of caves except some coal at (x:-263.82509 y: 66 z:-382.039.83). It's great to explore!

Seed Code: 7733

Spawn points

X: -296 / Y: 63 / Z: -290


X: -317 / Y: 63 / Z: -264

Beautiful piece of land seperated by a thin piece of curved sand.
If you would like a boating adventure, check out this other bit of land (bit big to be an island!) at x:257.21613 y:63 z:582.14730. it has snow and sand as well. While you're there, check out this ENORMOUS cave at x: 237.44851 y: 62 z: -626.25161
If you go out into the water near the snow, be sure to dig down at x:518.3 y:53.270 z: -856.49229 to reach a stronghold library!

X: -387 / Y: 63 / Z: -283

A beautiful jungle with a lake.

X: -614 / Y: 71 / Z: -283

Impressive archway in xhills with coal (good luck reaching it!)To get to this, you must cross a swamp. It begins at x:-370.39055 y: 63 z: -362.81493, from there it's pretty straight forward (don't forget your boat!)

X: -666 / Y: 64 / Z: -390

A beautiful valley with pumpkins. It also has a ravine which appears to be rather small - but once you get exploring it's vast! There is emerald at: x:-683.3 y: 12.200 z: -392.53586 and more at: x: -668.57672 y:15 z: -372.38468 Don't forget the 6 pieces of diamond at: x: -724.7 y: 12 z: 319.3
There is another impressive ravine at x:-720.7 y: 61 z: -410.41485

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