A good fast-starting world. There's a desert temple and an easily-looted spider dungeon visible from spawn point. Lots of biomes nearby.

Seed Code: 9797870

Spawn points

X: 25 / Y: 62 / Z: 225


X: 25 / Y: 64 / Z: 315

Desert temple, visible from spawn point. This picture is 90 blocks south of spawn point (just walk forward).

X: 25 / Y: 62 / Z: 270

About halfway to the desert temple, some placed cobblestone is visible on the right. This is a spider dungeon buried in sand. Dig out the sand, and you'll find the spider spawner, and 2 chests with food and other good starting loot, and a passageway with coal and iron ore. Start your digging from the south end and the existing spiders won't be able to attack you.

X: 209 / Y: 69 / Z: 355

Entrance to caverns. Lots of exposed iron and coal.

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