a nice village spawn seed with a cave system under it with entrance near by and a temple not to far either that wields gold, bone, and diamonds

Seed Code: New Heaven

Spawn points

X: 197 / Y: 0 / Z: 241


X: 213 / Y: 0 / Z: 265

village near/at spawn has blacksmiths

X: 113 / Y: 0 / Z: 137

temple relatively close to spawn has plenty of gold and has diamond

X: 47 / Y: 0 / Z: 263

a nice little secret ravine in swamp near spawn point village

X: -638 / Y: 30 / Z: 384

stronghold found

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pumpkins at X:-111,Z:-61 which is near another village

please quit with the spam comments

I took care of it

this looks like a good seed

whats the seed id?

Cool, What Texture pack did he use?

Good Seed. If you go far in the sronghold you will find an end portal along with tons of diamond in that area

There's an underground ravine/cavern with tons of Obsidian at X96, Y12, Z276. The ravine has a lot of waterfalls flowing into it onto the lava pools that are under the obsidian. Also there is a decent amount of lapis lazuli and redstone here, too. To get to this cave go to the cave entrance at X154, Y57, Z215, which is Northwest of the village, and make your way down.

huge cave system at X:403, Y:65, Z:660

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