Happy New Years!
Hello everybody this is the first seed i have found for the new year (and for 1.4-1.4.7). this IS the first seed for 1.4 and up currently.

Seed Code: New Years

Spawn points

X: -241 / Y: 71 / Z: 239


X: -325 / Y: 37 / Z: 100

oooooo a ravine that cuts though a mineshaft neat.

X: -711 / Y: 63 / Z: -227

sweet a desert temple! its has some gold, iron, bones and rotten fleash. sorry im a big derp when it comes to these pics. this SHOULD be the 3rd pic. sorry

X: -1,008 / Y: 12 / Z: -494

wow an epic ravine behind me is a abandoned mineshaft and the end portal frame is behind a wall. this also is a derp up with pics. this SHOULD be the 4th pic. sorry for the problems

X: -1,025 / Y: 5 / Z: -461

theres the wall to awsome sauce ravine behind me is the end portal frame. odd isn't it that a wall is cutting the stronghold in half isn't it?

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hey if ya have any advice on how to fix this i would really like it if you post it here in the comments