This seed is the new 404!! This large island has 4 trees, some tall grass, and a HUGE cave system, the biggest I've seen since 404!

Seed Code: REGAL

Spawn points

X: 77 / Y: 67 / Z: -200


X: 90 / Y: 60 / Z: -222

This obvious cave is massive, and expands into a ravine that goes underneath the ocean, there is plenty of iron, redstone, and gold. I have yet to find any diamond in here, but have a good time exploring! The cave right behind it has a known dungeon too!

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Is this a survival island?

Dungeon at
Stuff in chest up to u to find :) also check out my seeds.

This seed CAN be a survival island, as there is only 4 trees, but it is basically a new 404, The cave system is huge.

That dungeon I believe has 2 books in it, one of them is Protection IV

Ahh, I love this seed! It's awesome! I must be blind, but I haven't found the dungeon yet, haha. But I DID find a mineshaft. Out in the ocean, I'm not sure exactly what coordinates, but sort of to the left of the little island that you can see. Not the main one. There's plenty of diamonds, tons of redstone and iron! I love this seed!

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