pencilsharpenerMinecraft 1.4.7 Seed

Spawns on an island, with some beach, a semi-large mountain, and a forest; great map for a creative player with lots of time or a survivalist who wants a good map with a quick set up and a long term home. Stronghold is in (under) the jungle biome

Seed Code: pencilsharpener

Spawn points

X: -92 / Y: 64 / Z: -231


X: -115 / Y: 87 / Z: 977

Approximate location of stronghold

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Thank you. I have been looking for a seed like this everywhere!!! Couldn't find one >.< Thanks again!!!

Dig down at x: -164 z:-266 and a mineshaft will happen. You're welcome, people!

are all the pic on the same island just diff sides?

is there a village in this seed?


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