-1806277185266852026Minecraft 1.5 - 1.5.2 Seed

This seed contains a lot of very nice stuff. You will start in a forest biome close by an mountain biome with very nice mountains. The other way there is a village with a desert temple right next to it. Of course there is the very nice floating island right on the edge of that.

There are to many locations to discribe them all so here is a list of coordinates of them all:
Desert temples:
x:362 y:65 z:85
x:842 y:65 z:58
x:42 y:65 z:-421
x:74 y:65 z:602

Jungle temples:
x:-195 y:65 z:-393
x:-398 y:96 z:277
x:-269 y:65 z:757

witch huts:
x:660 y:66 z:738
x:-313 y:66 z:1092

x:132 y:69 z:660
x:276 y:69 z:1140

Surface spawners:
x:-35 y:62 z:-377
x:-44 y:71 z:679

Other interesting locations:
x:-153 y:67 z:146 (very nice mountains)
x:635 y:66 z:999 (nice arc)
x:-582 y:72 z:796 (some very nice cliffs)
x-990 y:112 z:735 (a big floating island)

Seed Code: -1806277185266852026

Spawn points

X: 108 / Y: 63 / Z: 243


X: -174 / Y: 69 / Z: 148

A very nice mountain biome close to spawn

X: 133 / Y: 69 / Z: 661

A plains biome village with a desert temple right next to it.

X: -398 / Y: 96 / Z: 277

A jungle temple high up in the mountains.

X: -992 / Y: 112 / Z: 735

A big floating island

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Nice spelling of witch... Nice seed!

Thank you for pointing that out (where was my head at) :) Corrected it.

love the island. built my house on it.


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