After I had just started a brand spanking new world, I fell over a cliff; a really big and pretty much 100% straight down. When I got to the bottom (was in creative), I realised that there was heaps of coal, iron, redstone and, around one corner, diamonds on the face of the wall! So I thought that this was a good seed and posted it up here. The seed is as follows: 1867169
Just one problem: you have to try default, large biomes and superflat (yes) to find the right one that this seed works with.
oh yeah, there's lava...

Seed Code: 1867169

Spawn points

X: 910 / Y: 5,000 / Z: 602


X: 910 / Y: 5,000 / Z: 602

I don't know how to describe it, but it's on the ground in front of the wall.

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This doesn't work. :/

LOL!! You can't have a mountain that's 5,000 blocks into the air!! DERP.

you just had a lag i have had one too

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