spawn in a field with a desert near by,head into it with the rising sun to your left,and you'll see a village,and on the outer edge of it near a patch of crops,you'll see a small hill. go past it to it's left and you'll see some trees and a small pool,over a smaller hill you'll see and amazing mountain with a small field full of pigs.chicken,and sheep,and caves to live in in the mountain.soe may recognize this seed from a youtuber named Storpey playing in is a great seed. Large Bioms must be on,and do whatever you want,i feel it's great for survival

Seed Code: 192363604

Spawn points

X: 154 / Y: 64,000 / Z: 21


X: 245 / Y: 69,000 / Z: 226

small sand village with good trading and crops

X: 245 / Y: 71,000 / Z: 263

small hill,head to the left of it

X: 348 / Y: 68,000 / Z: 367

beautiful mountain range with great caverns inside good for living in

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