-2311509947065283884Minecraft 1.5 - 1.5.2 Seed

A Perfect place for survival because there are lots of mines AND there is a Chest Right when you start full of Diamonds, Gold, Iron, Steak, Potions, Every kind of sward, and 3 Cakes!

Seed Code: -2311509947065283884

Spawn points

X: 7,647 / Y: 87,654 / Z: 98,765


X: 9,876 / Y: 98,765 / Z: 100,000


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@[email protected] Please, stop lying to the good people of Minecraft. Otherwise we'll throw you to the pink sheep! xP

Beware of the Pink Sheep!!!!

you lire will never trust you again

Please remove thyself, troll.

can someone give me thire email my email wont work
[email protected]

Uh huh... yeah, sure there's a chest with all that... The seed might be awesome (if even that - I have yet to test it), but the whole chest thing is just ridiculous.

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