This spawns you in a jungle biome and its very big. theres a mountain biome behind it. Pink sheep are hiding in the mountain biome. There are loads hiding and i cant tell you all of them..
One thing: There are some in the jungle too. Theres a jungle temple at x:69 z:167.
If you keep going trough the hills biome you will find another jungle and then a forest. Dig down at x:642 z:237 to reach a ravine with a mineshaft running through it, The coordinates lead you to a water spring. Dungeon if you dig down at x:691 z:261. Thats all i could find. Comment what else you found.


Seed Code: i hate Magachs

Spawn points

X: 20 / Y: 75 / Z: 246


X: 691 / Y: 35 / Z: 261

The spider dungeon

X: 642 / Y: 20 / Z: 237

Dig here for the ravine. This leads you to water spring so dont worry.

X: 69 / Y: 79 / Z: 167

The jungle temple

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So what? Even irrational hatred towards my person managed to yield this great stuff. So great in fact, I think I'll even like it. Thanks for the homage, bud. lalala

Magachs i think i wont hate you anymore, I actually am going to thumbs up!

Glad to hear. Now would you consider removing this seed, or at least replace the name with its numeric value? It looks awkward at the front page and all :P

Magach, I wont remove the seed, Its awesome!

Seriously now, at the very least edit the seed to replace the name with it's numeric value - it's really bothering me. If you don't know how to do that just go into the game and type /seed, write down the number it appears, then go here and click "edit seed" and replace the title with the number. Simple as that!

Hey guys, can we tone down the arguing? That'd be great!

Y: 73.120
Z: -896
is a desert well

sure, friedcomputers and thanks siva

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