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Named after this website. This seed has a desert temple that has spawned directly in the center of a desert village. The temple is built into other buildings such as the blacksmith building.
Seed = Minecraft-seeds.net

Seed Code: Minecraft-seeds.net

Spawn points

X: -126 / Y: 65 / Z: 210


X: 149 / Y: 64 / Z: 378

The desert village. With a desert temple smashed right into the buildings of the village.

X: -202 / Y: 110 / Z: 238

A cool mountain arch right next to the spawn

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I really don't know how you do it, but by the looks of it this seed seems every inch as amazing as the last one! Testing.

Just make sure you type it in right :] even with the capital M

whats the seed?

The seed is. Minecraft-seeds.net

Make sure you put it in exactly like that.

Wow. Those villagers must LOVE the unusual extension. It's the head village! Lol.

Another village at X: -219 Y: 65 Z: 88. With a chest inside the tower.

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