Spawns on plains, next to a desert biome, a forest biome, a large river, and a double village. Minecraft 1.5.2.

Seed Code: RoamAround

Spawn points

X: -185 / Y: 65 / Z: 255


X: -277 / Y: 66 / Z: 284

Interesting cactus with a sandstone block on top.

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This seed is not bad at all and I've been playing it for quite a while now. If you go to village and dig to the northwest from it you'll encounter a really big and beautiful mineshaft with lots of dungeons and chests. I've found 3 dungeons and 4-5 chests and I'm still not finished exploring it. The loot is quite bad but I don't really care since I've dug enough diamonds for now. I've found around 20 so far by digging right where the village ends on the north side and straight down on level 10.
There is another small village northeast from this one and a really big ravine under it.
Not bad seed at all :D

Just found a spider spawner, right next to the Village located near spawn. The Spider Spawner is very close to the surface too! It's completely surrounded and covered by Sand, so nothing can spawn.

Coords: -251x 61y 343z

Lol, if you dig up the grass near spawn you'll find 2 underground springs with sugarcane in them.

Real cool seed. Thanks for sharing it.

no blacksmith???

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