(Large village)
X: 128
Y: 71
Z: 1001

Large village with blacksmiths (chest includes 2 diamonds, 6 apples, iron boots and iron sword) in grasslands with lots of wild horses. Near by, there is a smaller sand village with a large house, a church and a well. It is incredibly close to the larger village. There is a mob spawner in the sand in the area and in the area there is a sand biome, a swamp, a snow forest, a snow plains, a jungle, grasslands and a hill biome (basically it has every single biome!). There is a huge ravine behind the village. This really is an amazing seed.

Although everything is in walking distance, here are the coordinates for the mob spawner, sand village and ravine.

Mob spawner:

X: 121
Y: 67
Z: 910

Sand village:
X: 179
Y: 67
Z: 864

X: 28
Y: 64
Z: 1052

Seed Code: -1605642403

Spawn points

X: 71 / Y: 85 / Z: 273


X: 128 / Y: 71 / Z: 1,001

Large village

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seems nice yet i havent tried the seed , is it for mac book airs? because thats the type i have

oh wait nvm srry

whats the seed

In the desert village in the large oasis behind it the is a relatively deeper spot. If you go down far enough you can see cobblestone. There is a zombie spawner there. You have to dig around a little though. Chest includes an enchanted book, golden apple, music disc, and iron.

Desert Temple around X:46, Z:586


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