This is definitely a cool seed because you spawn in a savanna plateau, very close to a dessert and a village with a blacksmith with three diamonds at X:-147 Y:72 Z:68

Seed Code: -471105649

Spawn points

X: -8 / Y: 63 / Z: 5


X: -147 / Y: 72 / Z: 68

The location of the village blacksmith!

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does anybody like this seed? are you satisfied with this seed?

I love it !!! nice map you got pigs and chicken all around the village. Found also 2 Dessert Temples and a second village horses and cows are close.

Dessert Temple in the East next to a second village
Horses and cows above the Sand Hill in the South West
and a Dessert Temple also in the West

Have fun and explore more I hope for a Taiga Biome ( Wood and Wolves ) and a Jungle Biome because of the Cats

( all directions from the first village )

In the North is also a Savanna M biome with Pumpkins

Sorry Savanna M is in the SOUTH

you guys are awesome for the directions. i am so glad you liked this seed

It's only me and I just registered to tell you I love it

what is the coordinates of the second village?