-5906314987778689394Minecraft 1.7.2 - 1.7.9 Seed

A little ways out in a savanna biome is this huge random plateau extending to y=182. Just how tall this is and how low the surrounding landscape is makes this incredibly out of place.

Seed Code: -5906314987778689394

Spawn points

X: -66 / Y: 67 / Z: 9


X: 52 / Y: 179 / Z: 323

An incredibly tall plateau taller than most extreme hill biomes.

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This seed was not working for me

EDIT: nm I just realized it wasnt for pc

Pretty awesome, smallish crater in the ground near the plateau with a bunch of iron. Really good place to start. Flower forest nearby with plenty of animals, and a mesa to the left of that. Also a large crevice with a pond leaking into it; perfect for travelling down if you don't have a bucket yet.

X 134
Y 64
Z 472

I've noticed that savannas tend to produce such structures. Check out my first submission. A group of them with a chasm complex underneath.

Several "towers' linked.
Chasm system at base.
Nearby village and many within a days travel.

Wow! I have the PC version or else I would try and build a replica of Midgard from Final Fantasy 7. Use the plateau as the main building of Shinra and build a huge cannon on top. Start building the plates and reactors last. Awesome seed!

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