-9025376972525664787Minecraft 1.7.2 - 1.7.9 Seed

This is a great survival seed.
Spawns you on the edge of Savannah, Desert, and Roofed Forest biomes with a village within sight in the desert. just past this is another village and farther south in that desert is a temple containing diamond horse armor, 2 diamonds, and 6 gold bars. This seed also contains a lot of animals near spawn. There is also a large village much farther south at (68,109,683)

Seed Code: -9025376972525664787

Spawn points

X: 136 / Y: 64 / Z: -196


X: -63 / Y: 141 / Z: 39

Savannah Plateau

X: -30 / Y: 31 / Z: -595

Ender Portal#1

X: -734 / Y: 29 / Z: 519

End Portal #2

X: 281 / Y: 61 / Z: -49

Mob Spawner and Chest

X: 314 / Y: 70 / Z: 82

Desert Temple

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Great seed, but I was wondering about the Resource Pack, what is it?

Sphax Pure BDcraft
i think

Another Desert Temple at X:138 z:826
-Diamond horse armor, 3 emeralds, 2 iron ingots and 4 gold ingots.

Village Near that at x:83 z:718
-4 obsidian in chest in house by furnaces.

Brilliant seed imo. Here are the cords for 10 diamonds.
x:160 y:11 z:-292
x:177 y:11 z:-293

Far away sights:
Desert temple at x:186 z:-1796 with 2 diamonds and gold horse armor.

Village at x:-365, z:-2929, 7 obsidian, iron helmet and gold

Huge abandoned mine x:-187, y:30, z:-3571
Found two spawners so far. 1 diamond at -200,13,-3552; 2 diamonds at -207,12,-3536; and 5 diamonds at -234,12,-3524 (careful! these a right above a lava pool)

any one found jungle yet