Not a seed you'd expect from the Shard Of Alara of black, red, and blue magic. You spawn in a lush forest and are placed right next to a flower forest. One spawn area puts you right next to an exposed medium cave system that looks deceptively small.

Seed Code: Grixis

Spawn points

X: 235 / Y: 76 / Z: 234
X: 233 / Y: 79 / Z: 244
X: 233 / Y: 74 / Z: 231


X: 238 / Y: 74 / Z: 238

Do you dare enter the cave of Grixis?

X: 252 / Y: 40 / Z: 240

The place to get your red mana from. Beware the lava! If you are experienced enough, mining west (-x) near the bottom of this place will reveal a lava cavern with gold. Screenshot is facing downward!

X: 292 / Y: 41 / Z: 272

A skeleton dungeon in the cave of Grixis truly complements the seed.

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