MiningAndCraftingMinecraft 1.7.2 - 1.7.9 Seed

Really cool seed! Spawns you right near two villages (one being half plains and half desert), a not-too-far away Mesa and, most especially, and EPIC Savannah Plateau M Biome!

Seed Code: MiningAndCrafting

Spawn points

X: 14 / Y: 64 / Z: 105


X: 36 / Y: 64 / Z: 131

A village you spawn literally right next to.

X: -187 / Y: 69 / Z: 36

The other village in two biomes.

X: -7 / Y: 88 / Z: -206

The Savannah Plateau M Biome. Has to be the BIGGEST mountain I have ever seen! Highest Point is over 200 blocks tall! Reaching the top might be difficult!

X: 21 / Y: 64 / Z: 1,117

A Mesa biome. It's far away, but since Mesa biomes are pretty uncommon, I decided I should include it.

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Awesome ^^ Thank you for the seed.
There are such fantastic Mountains, besides this one, you described :D

I found the Strongholds:
x: 748/ y: 40/ z: 252 (portal room)
x: -366/ y: 24/ z: -72 and x: -406/ y: 24/ z: 587 (not the portal rooms, i get lost in it without finding the room... your turn to find it xD)

And two dessert temples with Diamonds and Emeralds:
1049/-196 (x/z) and 891/-746 (x/z)

Excellent seed. Everything's available within a sensible distance too (for Minecraft, take a mushroom tent kit with you lol).

Found quite a few temples. These follow a VERY long path, mostly down a partly dry river (4 on river bank), all the way from the spawn to the nearest jungle. Yes, it's a very long walk when you've just spawned. I wanted my creeper guards asap.

201,554 - Gold and Iron
570, 265 - Gold and Diamond
378, 91 - Gold, Iron and Diamond
361,-309 - Iron and Gold
682, -484 - Saddle and Emerald
889,-741 - Saddle, Diamond and Emerald
-Village 1152,-976 has horses nearby.
1849,-725 - 2 Saddles, Gold and Emerald

Jungle (the mesa seems local compared to the nearest jungle!)
4217,-2727 - Iron and Gold
3893,-3300 - Iron Horse Armour and Iron
4136,-3289 - Saddle and Iron
3370,-3511 - Gold Horse Armour, Saddle and Gold

Mushroom islands 500,-2222 and north.

Also found another portal room at -343,30,560. It's safe to dig straight down to that point, which is just outside the portal room. I use the word "safe" relatively of course, there may be some residents who don't like visitors...

I've set up home on the coast around -456,-57. A nice big relatively flat area in the savanna (green, but no rain!) with a small private island and a volcano nearby (open lava on a big hill).
Still looking for pumpkins and mob spawners nearby.

Just noticed, I forget a 3 for the second stronghold: -366/24/-723, sorry ...

There are three pumkins at: 182/71/-337
And Zombie spawner:
-90/-1294 (at the surface)

And Spiders:

No luck with skeletons ...

Wow... You sure found a lot of stuff!

I've found a skeleton spawner:
-398, 33, -79
Name tag in the chest, I've only found 2 so far!

Wow! 25k views?! Amazing! Thank you so much! I never thought it would ever reach that high!

WOW This Is super!!!

yes it is

hard to get up the mountain easy to get down the mountain

(i died getting down)

i know you just jump off XD

i put a flag at the top of the mountain on survival


Has anyone found saddles and horses yet?

Horses are at x: -1134/ z: -705.

there is another desert temple: x: 363/ z: -309
In one of the desert temples I found a saddle, but i can't remember in which ... sorry...
And there ist a Village at x: 1248/ z: 198 with a Blacksmith and I think there was a saddle, too ... but I'm not sure ^^"

There are horses at x: 157 z:-447. If you go there from the desert village you spawn in you should see pumpkin.

kool thanks. any idea on a nether fortress

uhm, sure ^^: x: -176/ y: 67 z: 603
at this position are two chest, too, and in one of them are two more saddles ;D

There's a nether fortress a little nearer to the spawn too at:
112, y, 80.
Get to the lower level and there are at least 4 excellent chests. I found several different types of horse armour, including 2 diamond ones. This isn't a big fortress, so you should find all of them. Doesn't seem to be a blaze spawner at this one, unless is buried, but there's plenty of wart.

ty i just found it after i asked. you are loads of help

wtf is the seed

The seed is MiningAndCrafting. Type it exactly like that.

Hey guys!There Are some horses at x 1000033.305 z -78628.32

There are Pumkins at x 999921.26915
z -78616.91992

found almost double lava pools at:x 345 z 386

found desert temple at: x 569 z 266 that has: 28gold ingots 21 bones 2 diamonds and 3 rotten flesh

found ANOTHER desert temple at: x 378 z 90 that has:1 diamond 7 iron ignots 29 bones (bonemeal for DAYS!) 13 gold ingots and 14 rotten flesh

wolves found at: x 151 z -538

found some brown horses at: x 157 z -452 and donkeys at: x 287 z -593

found half savana half plains village at: x 245 z -698 the blacksmith has: 1 iron sword 4 iron ignots and 2 bread

found another desert temple at: x 234 z -1365 that has: 20 bones 8 iron ignots 14 gold ignots and 16 rotten flesh

found a HUGE mushroom island at: x 425 z -2129 its prety far away, and you have to cross a ocean to get there, but there real uncommon, so i included it anywas

just imagine what this looks like on AMPLIFIED XD


There is also a weird but good place at: x 28, y 77 and z 75.

there are a ton of wolves at about 109 74 2621 and a cool place to put a home at -90 60 2815

awesome but i thought i struck it rich i found wolves :)

found an awesome mini-ravine at -235 24 2928

Uploaded my map from this seed:

For the Mesa biome, you said that it was far away and you considered not including it. Did you know that you can teleport with the /tp command? Like this: /tp "Your player's name w/o quotes" "x axis" "y axis" "z axis" Hope this helped you!!!

Yes, I did know this.

For the Mesa biome, you said that it was far away and you considered not including it. Did you know that you can teleport with the /tp command? Like this: /tp "Your player's name w/o quotes" "x axis" "y axis" "z axis" Hope this helped you!!!

Can't wait 'til 1.8 .
Render distance is doubled.
The world looks like a postage stamp from those heights.

has anyone found any swamp biome?