Full mix of villages, mine shafts, dungeon, animals and resources. Good for hardcore play.

Seed Code: r2d2

Spawn points

X: 256 / Y: 63 / Z: 262


X: 233 / Y: 68 / Z: -445

Villages @ x:256 y:63 z:262; x:619 y:66 z:772; x:674 y:71 z:-1092

Temples @ x:90 y:74 z:122; x:26 y:65 z:-357; x:-485 y:65 z:170; x:346 y:65 z:602

Mineshaft @ x:240 y:23 z:-337; x:-1990 y:39 z:397; x:661 y:25 z:-1085

Ender Dungeon @ x:880 y:33 z:-598

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