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This is my first seed to submit!
You Spawn right next to a Ravine, It is possible to spawn IN the Ravine itself too!
If you walk/fly west, you will see a village with a blacksmith! The loot will be a surprise for you to find out : )

Seed Code: Survival

Spawn points

X: -189 / Y: 58 / Z: 262


X: -273 / Y: 66 / Z: 219

The Village!
This village does have a Blacksmith's shop, the loot is pretty "average", I guess you could say.
*SPOILER* The Blacksmith has a Gold ingot in his chest.

X: -174 / Y: 76 / Z: 46

Awesome overhangs and mountains! Waterfall, Lava-fall...(head west if you /tp the coords)

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wow I love this seed

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