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Wow! I cant describe that with words! Its just SO BEATIFULL!
Thats the best map ever!!!

I do a lot of world generating. ;-)

I did found a entrance to a stronghold just right across the savana hill from the desert village, and i did found a savana village closer to the mountain then the desert village

Coordinates would be nice for that entrance.

Desert village is on X: 675 / Y: 75 / Z: 202

I didn't see any strongholds but there are desert temples and villages fairly close.

What are the cords for that?

Check out the crevice (Chasm) complex underneath.
X: 293 Y: 65 Z: 363

Wow, can't believe I've walked past that thing so many times without noticing it. I mean, once you've seen it you realize it's kind of hard to miss!

The opening is easy to miss if you're not looking.

B.T.W. I use the Halcyon Days texture Pack.

Nice find! By the way I like your resource pack.

sow pretty

A few choice words about how well the new 1.8 is working on my system.
[email protected]#^%*@^%!*@^%*&@^&[email protected]^%#&[email protected]^*&^ !!!!!!!!

Thank you.

New computer. Works fine now. =)

can u type the cords of the mountains on the image

They should be within view of the spawn point.

What are the cords for the towers??

x 275, y 75, z 380

how to download your map

How to download your map

Don't know. Only the seed is available.

Now i downloaded but i couldn t found anything at the moment

wait what are the coordinates of the village on the mountain??

Not a village. I built it. Sorry, should have taken picture of it before I built.

Is this with - or without??

I took the pictures after I built my house. But there was relatively little landscaping involved. I just leveled and expanded the top of the tower.

Follow for a follow anyone???

Where is the place.

Which place ? If you mean the towers, they should be visible from your spawn point.

Thanks for the seed! Some interesting spots I found (height omited):
Villages: 106,252 | -485, 377 | 690, 200 | 680, -128
Desert Temple: 1081, -228
And good for recourses:
Savanna: -330, 245
Plains: 8, 360
Horses and Pumpkins: 63, 470
Forest with rabbits: -154, -190
Sheep: 350, 260
Have fun!

Kitten is most pleased with's a great seed to make a city look alike.

That seed is absolutely EPIC! :D

Wait 'til you see the next one (if it EVER gets approved). [sigh]

New seed was finally accepted. The good stuff is a long way from spawn point but worth hiking (swimming) to.

the loot in the blacksmith in nearest village is 1 bread, 3 apples, and 1 iron helmet

Love this world!

There is an entrance to a *HUGE* abandoned mine and tunnel complex in the mushroom biome. Tons of coal (~400) and iron (~200) are along the walls; plus some tracks, a minecart and chest, and some other scattered goodies. Watch out for the cave spider spawners, I found 3 so far! X:1502 Y:68 Z:2379

Also, there is a pretty huge underground gorge at X:1601 Y:21 Z:2677, I fell into it from a remote desert island but those coordinates should put you right down on the floor of it.

Mushroom biome ?? Where ?

If you just go toward the +X and +Z directions, you'll eventually hit the ocean shore, then desert islands, then the mushroom biome. But tp to the entrance of that mine at X:1502 Y:68 Z:2379 and you'll be in it.

a new village and elevator