4669207923218821607Minecraft 1.8 Seed


This seed contains 2 large islands. Each island covers around 0.10km^2 with plenty of interesting features surrounding.

Seed Code: 4669207923218821607

Spawn points

X: 1 / Y: 1 / Z: 1


X: 5,036 / Y: 63 / Z: 576

Although smaller than Island 2, this is a great home. A beautiful beach surrounds the middle forest, which contains a lake in the middle, with land surrounding it suitable for a house to hang over it. On the Northwestern corner you can see an ocean monument. Almost close enough to give you mining fatigue. This will be suitable to conquer with ease later on, as you will have all the supplies you need with you, at home on your island. At the eastern point there is a monster spawner disabled with sand covering it. The cobblestone walls are easily visible from the surface. As it is naturally peeking above the ground, it is suitable for an XP farm, with easy access.

X: 3,798 / Y: 63 / Z: 380

Larger than Island 1, contains much more forest than Island 1. The structures underneath are unknown, and the surrounding area is unknown. An ocean monument lies somewhere in the path to the first island... somewhere at 4500 - 5000 X coordinate.

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