Huge Village Minecraft 1.8 Seed

Seed Code: 88974602297265413

Founded By: Zelora

8897460229726541328 Generated in 1.8 Pre using no mods (some sort of bug perhaps?) Coords: X:485 Z:764

You must use 1.8 Pre-Release For This To Work Because Link Is Broken

In total:

there are 3056 structures in the village, counting wells and barns and such.

those structures consist of 2103496 bricks.

those structures can house up to 17657 NPCs.

those structures amount to one seventeenth of the entire world area.

I spent all of 76 hours counting structures, calculating the number of bricks and sustainable NPCs, and double-checking my work.

The world area statistic was calculated using the finite area HTML code given by Notch to a private forum. Don't doubt me.

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Sorry to bother you but what is the Y coordinate?

It's so huge, you don't even have to worry about the y cordinate, it is like, overground

there is no y

does this work with 1.7.10

Umm wdd is 1.8 PRE RELEASE...
Is it some sort of p.e version???

I can't find it

i can't find it

i can't find it, is it for PC?

What do you mean with 1.8 pre? The only other version I can find with 1.8 in it is the beta one. I tried it but couldn't find te village

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