Under Ground Awesome HouseMinecraft 1.8 Seed

its a house under ground with a chest room many diamonds and lots of iron and has a bedroom with everything you need.

location to tp to is 277 64 _606 type just like that

Seed Code: 7680256202538539706

Spawn points

X: 277 / Y: 64 / Z: -606

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Don't fall for it! I tested it in creative in 1.8 and the coordinates are right over a lava fall!

Tested it AS well and nothing at the location. Seed is a lie and needs to be removed.

Needs to be removed.

Tried it on ps3 couldn't find that at all and I unlocked the hole map on survival mode >.>

Learned a valuable lesson (the hard way!): Always read the comments!

i did not know that it only works in vr.1.8


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