Village Island Seed with 15 Diamonds!

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Minecraft 1.8 Seed Village Seeds

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Found By: Minecraft Village Seeds Wiki

Out of all the seeds for the Minecraft world generator, this is the best Minecraft island village seed so far. The island is very close to the spawn and it's massive with a blacksmith, a church, and even 12 houses!

There's always something to do on this desert island village, like start building a mine in the pre-generated Mineshaft on the corner of the island. There's a small dungeon that ends that has some coal and iron to start out with. The blacksmith supplies some basic monster slaying gear, and the priest offers his prayers.

Nearby players can find continents for a Savanna, desert, and Swampland. This is one of the best Minecraft seeds.

Seed: 2151361310212770970

It's such a great Village seed for Minecraft 1.8.2 because it has so many things in it. Here's a list of the coordinates of the basic things to explore on this village island seed 1.8.2, which there should be plenty more to find.

Island village: x60 z-270

Natural start to a mine on the island at: x-30 z-348

Underwater zombie spawner dungeon with chests: x98 z132

15 Diamond super catacomb caves right off island: x181 z-261

Location of first diamond set: X178 Z-280 y11

Ocean monument at: X-420 by z-360

Another ocean monument by mainland: x100 z250

Underwater fissure caves: x-350 z-150

Second underwater fissure at: x-112 z-447

Super cool underwater caves + fissures: x267 z-621

The most important things to explore are the 15 diamond super cave which makes this the best Minecraft diamond seed ever honestly. There's also two ocean monuments, each moderately close to the island village. Right off one of the shores is a dungeon with a zombie spawner and more loot, music, etc. and a more dungeon.

The last thing that is a must to explore is the dungeon furthest away at the end of the video. There's a cave entrance that leads to a fissure that turns out to be three fissures merged into one super long fissure. This is the best Minecraft 1.8.2 fissure by far.

Found by: Minecraft Village Seeds Wiki

This desert village island is one of the best 1.8.2 world generator seeds out there. Why not spawn near a village island with a blacksmith, fifteen diamonds, ocean monuments, dungeons, and fun? This is the best Minecraft 1.8.2 seed out there!

Seed Code: 2151361310212770970

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