Amazing Jungle Island & Exposed StrongHold! Minecraft 1.9 Seed

Seed Code: 6575244926941671832

This seed places you 200 blocks away from the most epic Jungle survival Island ever! The Island its self is massive but it also has the stronghold underneath and the portal room is glitched above ground!

Go to x=590 z=256 if you can't find it, you spawn a little bit away from it. And make sure to check it out for yourself because it's very big, and I had a lot of trouble fitting it all within 32 render distance.

Got to x=821 z=138 to find the stronghold portal!

Watch the Video for more info!

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The coordinates for the stronghold portal are not correct. I checked there, and there was nothing there. In fact, it was in the middle of the ocean. I dug down at those coordinates and found nothing.

in the chests in the mineshafts and dungeons is EXTREMELY good loot
I found a NOTCH APPLE in a minecart with chest and also a lot of enchanted books

This is not a 1.9 seed, exposed stronghold only spawns 1.8.9 or below

I tried it and I spawned on a survival island.

Ok. I am adding a crashed plane and redstone blood. I don't know why.

I am making this an adventure map now xD.

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