Amazing Spawn! Double Village & Jungle (1.9 & LOWER) Minecraft 1.9 Seed

Seed Code: -4100875858698083715

This seed spawns you in the perfect location! Using any snapshot for 1.9 you can easily paste the seed and generate a world which places you 20 blocks away from two villages!

Spawn: X= 79 Y= 69 Z= 240
NPC Village 1: X= 97 Y= 68 Z= 150
Jungle Temple: X= 256 Y= 75 Z= 133
NPC Village 2: X= 21 Y= 72 Z= 654

Check out the video for more info!

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Additionally there is an easily reached Mineshaft with a Spider Spawner very near the first NPC Village. Enter the hole at ground level near X:-55, Y:70, Z:230

there's to a ocean monument at 742 -200

and a other ocean monumen at 760 -720

i to found a Stronghold at 1185 26 1600

if you're seeking for the stronghold you might see a other jungle temple at 1311 1189

and a temple at 600 1230 with 3 diamonds

and a temple at 213 862

i found an annother stronghold at 737 15 -1664

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