Break-leg Island

11,106 views • Mar 26, 2016

Minecraft 1.9 Seed Island Seeds

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=Turn on Amplified=

A super tall, super tiny island in the middle of the ocean. You spawn on a ledge.

Great for island based challenges.

Have fun!


Some island challenge suggestions:

• Easy: Survive on the island, no digging below level 30.

• Medium: Get off the island before nightfall (no boats, no swimming)

• Medium: The island is home base: You can go anywhere, but you cannot place any crafted blocks (workbench, furnace, etc.) anywhere other than on the island. Goal: Kill the Ender Dragon.

• Hard: No crafting. Survive as long as you can. (hardcore mode only)

Seed Code: -7261691309120837834

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FlyerCatThis is also a great server for building!
I made a little bunker to live in, along with a takeoff area and landing area for Elytras
I would definitely recommend this map, for builders, role-players and survivors alike!

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