Forest with ravine next to ice spikes

9,674 views • Jan 7, 2017

Minecraft 1.9 Seed Forest Seeds

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This is for you if you like to mess around ice spikes without the hardships of surviving in a cold biome.

Spawn is in a flower forest right next to a small field of ice spikes. Just turn around towards the northwest and you will see a cave entrance (leading to a ravine that connects to a vast cave system). Above that you should already spot the tip of a very high ice needle. All the other spikes in the cluster are of the small and thick variety. Some of them are big enough to carve a small 2x3 shelter into.

This seed generates very hilly terrain around spawn with interesting formations, cliffs and arches, especially near water. Animals are plentiful. Most of the interesting stuff is in the north, including a village with a desert temple just beyond the forest.

Seed Code: Labskaus

Spawn points

X: 226 / Y: 64 / Z: 228


X: 260 / Y: 65 / Z: 29

I wonder what you could build here?

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