10110101 Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: 10110101

Overall there is a expansive desert close to an awesome mountainside. What I noticed was, that there were a lot of sandblocks on top of the mountains which is very rare. You might check it out!


X: 98 / Y: 109 / Z: 114

I bet you didnt see a flying sandcliff yet. Maybe because sand is a gravity Block, so be careful. If you even touch one of this sand blocks it will all fall down.

X: 60 / Y: 95 / Z: 163

Insert epic description about this mountainside here.

X: 202 / Y: 91 / Z: 178

Some nice little lava- and normal lake. Great to farm Obsidian

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ok gunna start another world on this

great for a city thanks

huge clay deposit around:

MASSIVE amounts of ore in this cave system i found.
Ill never run out of coal...

I found the longest, never ending most random system of caves I've ever seen...I literally got lost for hours...maybe its what silent sentinel was talking about because there was a massive amount of coal/iron and lots of gold and red stone

This seed sounds pretty good! :D

this is a awesome seed

Could someone link a video of where I can find clay in this seed and show where it is on the in-game map? I'm playing on Xbox 360 and can't use coordinates.

were there any other ores silent_sentiel

hey silent sentinel or rick28james where is the cave? coordinates please

I have this seed on Minecraft XBLA and I cannot find any clay. could anyone please give a location or co-ordinates as the ones above do not work on xbox. Tanks

I'm thinking about dumping an assload of really good coordinates [use maps to get coordinates on xbox version], like all 4 of my known dungeons, some clay deposits, and the gravel mesa, and maybe the locations of a few diamond veins. If I you guys want them, I'll dump them.

@countourDa Beast ; Check the coordinates for the diamond vein listed at the top.

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