1171544198849424676 Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: 1171544198849424676

You can describe this Seed in just 1 word: Flat. It is perfect for all of you who asked for flat seeds in the comments.


X: 73 / Y: 75 / Z: 12

Flat flatness is flat.

X: 148 / Y: 74 / Z: 57

More Flat sceneries. You get it even if you don't want it.

X: 340 / Y: 70 / Z: 74

Did you say you didn't want any more of these? Well ...

X: 1,103 / Y: 81 / Z: -268

What is this ? A mountain ? I just couldn't let you down.

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even the cartograph map looks flat

Yeah lol very er... flat!
Nice for building a city on, because this site has way too much mountain seeds!


I'm in space

as of this comment this seed had 1337 views

I love this seed and will use it forever.

the big open cave i've ever seen
X36 Y16 Z202

eeeeehhhhh it needs to be about 20% cooler

Are there any diamonds?

Nice and The cake is a lie!

@twannie1997: I agree with you! F*** Mountains! I want Mudkipz! (and flat land).

is there any surface lava anywere i need it for my mob trap :L

Best map ever !!! thanks!

thanks for the flat land seed!
Just 1 more thing is there any survival island seeds? WITHOUT a download?

"michael jackson 4 president". It's on this website.

x 49 y 72 z 95 landlocked pond with squid

I spawned right next to a small surface lava lake:

x: -70
z: 24


i put in the seed like 4 times and got the same map but none of the coordinates from all the pics were wrong wtf

I think it is a nice place is #1,
#2 is I cant spawn there anymore I spawn in taiga
forest for some reason D:

surface lava lake

lots of trees

i love mining here, i found a huge amount of redstone, diamond, coal and iron until I lost it all to LAVA!!!!!!!!!!


cant what to try it it looks like a greay opertunity

anybody find any diamonds and maybe another dungeon?

DIAMONDS at X:119 Y:6 Z: -32
Theres about 8 there!

Another Diamond branch @ X:125 Y:6 Z:-53
I got 4

Hey, BigMacMinecraft, Spider dungeon at x:71 Y:66
z:190. Loooooooong walk though.

Oh by the way, If you walk around a bit (okay, a lot) you can find a lot of pumpkins I got 81 lol!

TONS of clay at X293 Y81 z-492.7 around that desert area mega jackpot of clay go and get it!


Aw man it's for 1.3 I have 1.2 I like that seed

Nice seed, shame its not 1.2, if you want a seed with lots of lava try -391888265, there are toons of lava pools in the desert.

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