-1784338777788894343 Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: -1784338777788894343

Glacier is nothing compared to this awesome seed. It is honestly the best seed i have seen so far. The Spawnpoint (25,5 | 66 | -23,5) is underneath the biggest flying mountain ever. It is really hard to capture the extreme awesomeness of this seed in pictures, so just visit it, otherwise you will miss the best seed ever.

Spawn points

X: 25 / Y: 66 / Z: -23
X: 90 / Y: 67 / Z: 6
X: -3 / Y: 67 / Z: -140


X: 25 / Y: 66 / Z: -23

The holy mountains from beneath.

X: 25 / Y: 100 / Z: -23

The holy mountains from the sky.

X: 68 / Y: 94 / Z: -4

This lovely Pumpkin on top of a tiny flying mountain looks like it was made by human, but its part of this seed!

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lots of clay at the beaches around to the spawn point!

Oh my... the biggest flying mountain I've ever seen!

Epic World better then Glacier i was like omg when i saw the epic mountain hang thing you got to try this one :D!! EPIC!!!!!

Named "MadMaxHH's World in the Air" on the forums: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1031&t=239762

Much bigger (and interactive, with more location points) map available at http://midnightdesign.ws/random/in_the_air/

@midnightlightning linking the seed with Google Maps is an awesome idea. Are there even more Seeds? Or is this the only one?

idk if its working or not but i have a few questions

do i keep the - when putting the seed

is there more than one spawn point cause i seem to spam at a random area, and i cant find the floating island

yes, the "-" belongs to the seedcode. there are different spawnpoints, to find the locations press F3 to display your coordinates.


@braddevil The Spawnpoint can be different every time so we added the coordinates to every location. If you press F3 you will be able to see the coordinates at top left.

i shocked my sister with this seed *thumbs up*

thanks a lot admin

it doesnt seem to work for me, i tried it many times, went to the coordinates and i got nothing,
i have a torrented version of minecraft, also i tried the glacier seed and that seemed to work, aswell as i always spawn at the same spot for this seed but i can never find the mountains and all even at the specified coordinates.

do you know what my problem is?

The only thing i can think of is that you mistyped the seed. Maybe the "-" is missing at the beginning. I just tested this seed and everything worked...
Try to copy this code:

Question : Why is the same map when i tape this seed ;-1784338777788894343 or this seed OICU812! sorry for my english and my noobitude ;)

the seedcode is always the name of the seed.
Why do you think its OICU812?

the biggest flying mountain i have ever seen and ever will see. Amazing!

I know that this is off topic, but I discovered a new seed. Type in: uh,idunno in the seed generator. I don't know how to post and all that, so first person who types it in and posts it gets all credit for discovering it. It has cool, huge mountains and epic overhangs. (i put this here becuase I know ppl will read it)

you can go to http://minecraft-seeds.net/index.php?action=user_add to add seeds ;)

What are the co-ordinates to the second(top,middle) screen shot

It should be around (130|65|60)

@NOOB: A seed code is just a starting number for the algorhythm which generates the landscape. It looks like these two seeds have the same value.

There's another spawn at x: 256,7 y: 66,6 z: -58,4.
I spawned in a snow forest, next to a tiny puddle of water and a small opening. Plenty of ice 'n' snow though

i only spawn in a snow forest

This is just epic! But why do all these seeds seem to have a hidden pumpkin somewhere?

Why not?
How can you not love these cute little pumpkins?

Nvm. Forgot the "-" -_-'

How to you get that very detaild map? that is amazing!

Google: Cartograph_G Minecraft

Does everyone have a large ice lake that looks like it just cut out part of the mountain? the coordinates are {-17,65,14}

here's a tip. whatever you do, if you don't play on peaceful mode, just don't build a house in the centre of the light circle in the middle under the mountains. i did that, turned it to easy mode and got surrounded and killed by creepers. :/ it was then that i learned creatures also spawn in the dark at any time of day.

tip for if you need a safe base after day 1 get alot of dirt and find a small island out in the ocean near land and make your own island and light it up as you go should be pretty safe

When i saw this seed the first time i said: "How in the name of Gordon Freeman is this possible?!"


If I were you I would check the coordinates of the pumpkin coordinates (press F3 to display your current coordinates)
Don't forget to look up.

Glacier is alright if you like the huge underground cave system. I LOVE this seed better. The flying mountains are breathe taking! Also, under that little island with the pumpkin, I remember finding coal. 1 or 2. Maybe I'll make a home up in those mountains...

Near the spawn point, there is a nice batch of iron. Good way to start yourself off. (-51,65,-22)

ok admin thanks!

no problem :)

at x18 y109 z29 i found a pumpkin patch :D

I did find quite a lot of diamond in this seed. Shoulda wrote down the coordinates. :(

i found the place for the pumpkin but 1 problem: no pumpkin. i know it was supposed to be there. did it not spawn or something?

I can't explain this... You sure you looked on top of this flying dirt?

yes i did go to the top of the dirt.

I tried to to get to Crazy Paradise at -280, 20 and there didnt seem to be anything there. Is it underground or something?

What is "Crazy Paradise?" im at the coordinates but theres nothing here. is it underground?

kewl little beach at x53 z-179

oh and natural lava spring with coal at x77 z-104

If you love this seed so much, why don't you marry it? WELL I WON'T LET YOU. How does that feel?

I organized a big seed party and invited this seed. But he couldn't come. because you murdered him.

This is a pretty cool map, I'm just trying to plan some kind of city under the flying mountains.

Only problem is that I'm getting a huge number of lighting errors. Large chunks are either dark during the day or light at night. Digging into the edges of these chunks allows me to see underground to all the caverns that are down there. Looks cool, but also a PITA as you can't then dig properly.

what do you say for seed? wheres the code?

A "seed" is an initial value for the algorhythms of the map generator. If you type in the same seed, it will give you the same world, but you might spawn at a different position. Press F3 to see coordinates.
Here, on this website, the title of each entry is the seed.

I found a cool seed with a GIGANTIC cave and can give a phew other places tell me if your interested admin

Admin u minght want to check this seed out
azuritereaction's seed of seeds exactly how its spelt !!!
the main cave is at 70 76 180
lava pit at -77 74 -287
smaller cave is at -1676 77 -87
please dmin check it out btw dont blame me if u get lost in the main cave :P

YOU NEED TO GO HERE I MADE A HOME ON THIS ISLAND HUGE CAVE! X:-73 Y:65 Z:136 there is a cave that takes you to a dungeon for me and a load of diamonds at the bottom this place needs to be recorded!

i call the caves the hidden caves because the one i found is so hard to find

Amazing! I just got on it, and I am already amazed by the scenery. I walked over to my left, and I saw falling gravel. Best seed ever!

only if all blocks were affected by gravity

where do I downlode it

you dont download it when you create a new world it has the name of the world at the top and the enter seed at the bottom there you type in -1784338777788894343

I love this world!!
My best world was deleted and i put this world on and now its back!

Got deleted again :(

We only delete Seeds that don't have (enough) images. Maybe upload some next time.

I went to the place the pumpkin was supposed to be. problem is:no pumpkin! is it supposed to spawn?

Notch changed the map generator a little bit.

i found a pumpkin patch!!

There is a simply ridiculously huge cavern system spaning around 100-200 blocks in every direction away from 1000,-900...

OMG I just walked into the biggest monster thing EVER i paused and counted 7 creepers and 3 skeletons- and i heard tons more. I died pretty fast.

where is the cold climate??

this guy is right but its a day trip on foot

Teraniel says:
There is a simply ridiculously huge cavern system spaning around 100-200 blocks in every direction away from 1000,-900...

I litaraly Cried at the moutains and beautiful sight of all the mountains and waterfalls ;)

I know a awesome place but i need to know where the cold climate is at

cy9b, Find a snow world. Maybe Wolf?

Admin can you help me what is the ideal seed for a mob trap? need water surface lava is always nice and flatland can any1 help me?


OK thanks mate :)

a awesome place is -818, 190 also at x-172,y15,z110
there is a yellow disc and a skeleton cage

wait where i spawned their was all snow??? wheres the waterfall n stuff??

Did you forget the "-" before the numbers ?

Guys surface lava lake at: x: 164 z:149

Some incredible caverns in this map! Take zeth9260s advice and head over to x:-73, y:65, z:136. When you get on the island, dig almost straight down and you'll open up a sprawling series of caverns that never seem to end.

Will this seed still load with 1.8? Because it's not working for me :(

almost made me pee my pants

i remeber using this in 1.7.3

I'm new and I already fuck the admin

dose this seed work in 1.0.0 NOT beta 'cause it doesn't for me


NOT beta or alpha

I love this seed and yes awesomegamer it does

my favourite one that also makes dragons second favourite

its the best seed i tryed if you download or use this seed go strait through the mountanis wher th spawn point is go to the trees at the end of the place and dig there you will find enough coal to make 64 tourches pluss 45 tourches

i looked and found nothing just a big canyon with mineshaft

Looks cool. Thing is, I have Minecraft 1.2.3. Sorry!

I just get a snow biome at spawn...

Great seed but how do you find your coordinates on Xbox? Is it possible?

Where do you find all the minerals?

Me and my friend finally got to the bottom area from the spawn but all we have found was lots and LOTS of coal.

We are hoping to find some iron at least, but no luck with even that.

No minerals listed!

Nvm if u click on the ores on the top of the page it show it

Okay I'm on xbox 360 and I put the seed in.It worked.I got the moutains no pumpkin on the stick but I found the stick.The huge lava lake is about four sqares UNDER what the original coordinates were and "chunks" of the mountains were gone. since xbl runs on the original 1.6.6 version mabey? Otherwise all of the above "special locations" are infact there. They are just a tiny bit off kilter.

This gives me all sorts of nostalgia about old minecraft.

Minecraft Xbox Note: Not all the world is the same on xbox if you used a seed used on PC, for example, i tried the triple dungeon seed on xbox, and i found the coordinates using my map and stuff and it wasn't there, but if you do what i did and dig spiral stairs down then you will find a cave system and a lot of iron, gold, lapis lazuli, and lava in the first hour of playing.

Here's a stronghold in the nether.


Just behind me in the pick is an easy way in. I traveled along the roof of the nether as an easy way to get here.

This is seed is cool and i found 11 diamonds in this seed under my house!

Does it work on 1.3.2

Please find a seed that spawns you in lava!

We already have one ;) search for "villageforlife"

F***ing epic!!

F***ing epic!!

Love this seed I am playing it on the Xbox version 1.7.2 right now found the perfect island in the top corner of the map and found a spider dungeon under it a x -381, y 60, z-360.
And if you do a little digging at x -361 z -300 you find a cave that takes you to about level 13 to a chunk of slimes and with a little more digging around x -334 z -292 level 4-10 you can find around 20 diamonds keep in mind that the diamonds are scattered between 2 chunks. The only problem I have with this map is there is no snow biome.

I am seriously upset that i cant get this seed on 360 now....its everything i hope for...damnit


this is not what I got when i put this in for a seed

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