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Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed Waterfall Seeds

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This. Seed. Is. EPIC! So, now you read this, you may search for giant flying mountains, giant flying waterfalls and maybe a giant flying spagettimonster. But: You wont find any of theese things. But nevertheless, this is one of the most epic seeds ever discovered (personal opinion, but you may agree). The reason cant be found at the surface. Since Minecraft contains the word mine, you will spend much time underground. And when you are going to discover the underground of this seed, you will see things, you havent seen so far. Tons of them. Believe me.<br/><br/>The original name of this seed is Küsst du schon oder beisst du noch? (Dunno whether if its with the ? or not)<br/>This seed was discovered by <strong>Sophia22</strong><br/>Thank you.

Seed Code: 1821211782

Spawn points

X: 67 / Y: 67 / Z: 31
X: 98 / Y: 66 / Z: 29


X: -15 / Y: 70 / Z: 80

There are two main caves I discovered around the Spawnpoint. Maybe they are connected to each other somehow, but if so, I did not find it out yet. However, this is the first one of them. When you enter the right hole to go in, you will find a reeealy big waterfall, if you follow it down you see a lavafall. Follow the waterfall further down until the end to get to Location 2. Alternatively, you can stop following the waterfall a few seconds after passing the lavafall, to get to a place similar to location 2 and find some gold. <br/>Hint: Try to follow the Lavafall(!) If you manage this, you will find the biggest lavalake ever and some diamonds.

X: -50 / Y: 12 / Z: 100

A big lavalake next to a waterfall. The water floated over about half of the lake and turned it into obsidian. With enough Light and a sharp eye, you will discover 5 diamonds at (-34|15|108) so you can craft a diamond-pickaxe and start collecting the obsidian!

X: -50 / Y: 70 / Z: -30

The second cave-system. The first difficulty is the entering. For a good start, you can try the second entry at (-93|70|-50). Then you will find yourself standing in front of a deep hole with a Lavafall. Getting down is not impossible, but not too easy either. If you get down there, well, discover! And talk to me again in 2 Years. Really, I used about 250 torches to discover the cave -system and im not ready yet. Many places are hidden, so you will find new places everytime you think that you just discovered everything. You will find many things: Ores, waterfalls, lavalakes, lavafalls, lavafalls next to waterfalls, and much more. But there is one thing you wont find. The way back.

X: -160 / Y: 13 / Z: 0

I am sorry, but I cant describe the way to this room. Its perfectly hidden. Once I left that place I could not find it a second time. Try it!

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Rockface444999I found the huge room and got back to it, I used redstone torches to track my way back.


KiraensdnAt around x-380 y70 z-230 I found a massive cave complex, and haven't come even close to exploring much of it at all, and yet I've found well over a hundred iron and much more coal than that! There are huge sections below that I haven't gone into at all, with multiple long drops into them, at least one waterfall and lavafall visible from where I've been in it. The top area has more in it as well, including multiple openings to the surface and at least one lava flow of its own.

If you like gigantic caves, try this one! :)


KiraensdnNot long after that, I find another huge drop cavern at -155x 81y 30z *, with a waterfall a good ways down, which leads even further down. A couple of dozen iron on the way if you check side passages a bit (I didn't go very far down most of those), and a vein of 8 gold as you near the bottom of the waterfall. I didn't even count the coal this time, plenty of it.

An alternate entrance without a huge drop above the top of the waterfall is at -118x 80y 40z, or close to it, just work your way down from the opening there and you'll find the water.

* look out for the slit shaped opening further up the hill, extra long drop there


KiraensdnGood source of redstone (I got 53) is to dig straight down from the spawn point and explore carefully. (be especially careful of the large waterfall once it starts to spread out, there's lava nearby!)

I have yet to find any diamonds or lapis. (or pumpkins either, there weren't any when I found where the picture at the top shows them)


MinecraftDaveI found another large room. But it might be the same one. It's got coal and iron on the floor and walls.

X: - 18.7
Y: 49.6
Z: -117.17 is the center.


pactasticp85in the cartigrapher i saw a stone huse


BlooperI have gotten a spawnpoint at:


Could you please add it?




genius0Did anyone notice the giant eyelike hole in the mountain(top middle)?


alexxaviorIs this a PC seed or a Xbox 360 seed or both?
Plz tell me


AdmiralstinkymineYou did the html coding wrong. It's </br></br>, that's the proper (and only worrking) way to end those tags.



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