-2474579450367561345 Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: -2474579450367561345

A rather stunning seed which is plentiful in ore and natural (or rather, fantastical) wonders - check it out!

Spawn points

X: 28 / Y: 64 / Z: 17

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Apparently I cannot edit the seed after submission, but here are a list of ore locations:

Diamond, Gold -182 14 351
Gold -158 33 354
Lapis -209 33 359
Diamond -200 14 274
Lapis -185 22 259
Diamond, Redstone -196 16 251
Diamond, Gold -207 16 249
Redstone -179 18 268
Gold -145 29 234
Gold -135 31 256

There is also a collection of 5-10 pumpkins by the mountain (the one in the main preview picture).

You should have added four of these natural wonders as a location, and some spawnpoints would be nice. Hey admin, we need this edit button!

Yeah - an edit button would be very useful. I found another patch of pumpkins and a HUGE cavern - like MIND BOGGLINGLY HUGE and interconnected and stuff :3 - all not 2500 meters from my spawn.

You will be able to edit your own seeds soon, we are already working on it, give us some time.
Your own seeds will be shown in your profile as well.

Editing is now possible :)

Amazing. Some how a game manages to look almost better than the planet we live on

I love this seed. Its shier pure luck to have it :3 *thumps up*

What are the coords of the mountain in the preview?

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