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Seed Code: 293031871120653675

While this seed isn’t “epic”, the spawn point is on top of a high hill on a pretty peninsula. The hill has lots of sheep and minerals, sugar cane in view within a short walk, and a view out to sea of desert islands. Looking inland are high(ish) mountains. The top of Spawn Hill is a GREAT place to build a house - with breathtaking 360 degree views! There are also caves in the hill and by digging down to 16 under the hill I have found coal, iron, diamonds, lapis, gold, and redstone.

If you want to go on a walk-about, check out the water and lava fall (3rd screen shot) at X: 317, Y: 78, z: 497. Also check out my daughter's seed "ant farm" too. (On ant farm there is a chance that the lava flowing into the sea might be a large area of obsidian...)

Spawn points

X: 1 / Y: 85 / Z: 1


X: 1 / Y: 85 / Z: 1

View looking west from the spawn point. The overview photo at the top of the page is what you see when you spawn - looking east from the top of Spawn Hill. If you walk forward to the other side of the tree, you'll have a beautiful view of the islands.

X: 1 / Y: 85 / Z: 1

Another view from the spawn point (looking north) - but I "zoomed in" to show the seven sheep. There are always lots of sheep on this hill. Notice also the gravel at the shore and the sand on the left. The sand area is very large and includes a lot of sandstone.

X: -48 / Y: 70 / Z: -147

This desert island is visible from Spawn Hill. Cool floating sand...

X: -76 / Y: 64 / Z: 102

Here is some sugar cane right across the bay to the NW of Spawn Hill. (I always like to make a map as soon as possible, so it's nice when the sugar cane is easy to find.) There are some cool tall mountains in the background that have interesting caves. I wish I could add more photos...

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Hi I saw ant farm first so read my coment on that, my son & I love to play minecraft I think you are really good at finding good minecraft seeds post more, bye!

@Bella57 - I think Tori tried ant farm because she watches the show (on Disney?). Mine was completely random. It was the first world I created and I feel very much at home there. I would send you photos of the house I built on the hill, if I could. It has a large pool with a glass and patterened bottom out over the cliffs... Try out these worlds and let us know if you like them. My son has created some too. I'll have to add his seeds.

Yes please post one of your sons seeds. Can you tell me how to post seeds I have some good seeds I want to show

You should check out friday (the seed)

@Bella57 - To post seeds click the Add Seed link at the top of the page. I suggest you plan ahead for a main photo, three square screen shots, and up to four locations (with coordinates and descriptions for each of the locations). The form to fill out with info is pretty easy and the next form is the upload form. Let me know when you upload them and we'll check them out.

I an posting things on other seeds to check out ant farm for Tori

How do you take photos

@Bella57 - To take photos first press F1 to turn off view of your inventory and hand, then press F2 to take the photo. I think you know this, but press F1 to turn stuff back on, then F3 to note your coordinates. The hard part is finding the photos. I think they're in YourNameUsersYourNameAppDataRoaming.minecraftscreenshots. They are named based on the time they are taken. Good luck!

@Bella57 - You don't need to tell people about ant farm. That's OK. I don't want to annoy anyone...


@Bella57 - I'll check out "friday". If you don't post it, do you want me to? Just tell me the locations and I can take photos and post them for you.

@bella57 - I created the seed "friday" for you. I didn't add the pumpkins yet, though. If you want more locations added, post a comment on that seed page and I'll add them.

Q FOR ADMINS: Can you delete some comments?
1311 and 1312 (I was being dense).
1346 and 1347 (I'm afraid people will think those coordinates are for this seed; I've already made a note of them).
1348 and 1349 (my young daughter)...
1351 to 1353 (me being dense again)...

Everything fixed. And i just wanted to say that we really appreciate your effort for our Website.

@ADMINS - Thanks!! How can I get a seed added to "All Seeds"? Just wondering... ;)

Become admin yourself. ^^ I can't decide this right now, someone else needs to do that. --Daniel

I think it's kind of confusing for the users when different admins write responses. Anyway, only Seeds created by admins are in the All Seeds list because we can't check every single User seed but it is possible to move your Seed. The problem is that you won't be able to edit your seed anymore and the line "by allendeb" would dissapear as well.
Should I still move it ?

Thanks, but I don't think I want to be an admin. It would cut into Minecraft time! LOL

@ADMINS - I'm torn. Would more people see it if it's listed in All Seeds? If not, maybe I should just keep it on User Seeds. Choices, choices...

@ADMINS - It would be nice if when you click on a user's name, you also got a list of User Seeds they created. Doncha think that would be cool?

Yeah, we already have that on our list of features yet to create. It just takes some time because im not a professional programmer.

I keep spawning in the jungle. I know I copied the seed right. Is something wrong?

the reason is that this seed is for beta 1.3-1.7.3 and xbox 1.6.6-1.7.3. jungle biomes started in 1.2 offical, so if you did one of these seeds, and you are in a jungle biome, then you have to downgrade your minecraft to play this seed.

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