-349988223 Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: -349988223

Like my previous seeds, this seed is full of cliffs and s*it and stuff. Also has 2 Dungeons

Spawn points

X: 2 / Y: 64 / Z: -54


X: 327 / Y: 66 / Z: -86

This dungeon is special. It has not one no not two but THREE Music Disks. Quite a find

X: 500 / Y: 73 / Z: 216

The other dungeon but alas...no disks but still a find.

X: 1,160 / Y: 88 / Z: -37

A large waterfall

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uhh why is my seed not showing up in the user seeds?

Patience. We have to check every new user seed.

Three music discs, wow :-)

Whats the location of the 1st screenshot???

I would have to look again cuz i forgot :P

x 514
y 72
z 3.21

The seed looks cool but I got 1.0.0

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