3666440496532277820 Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: 3666440496532277820

This Seed is special because you spawn in complete darkness in a dungeon. So better cheat some torches or Glowstone and turn the difficulty on peaceful or your gaming experience with seed will be rather bad. Overall this seed has open caves everywhere.


X: 0 / Y: 66 / Z: 0

The first Location is your Spawnpoint because you will spawn in a Spider Dungeon. Theres a saddle and some iron in the chest.

X: -78 / Y: 70 / Z: -2

You walk around minding your own business and holy fuck - Theres a big hole in the ground.

X: -151 / Y: 71 / Z: 13

Nice stone beach with another open Cave.

X: -173 / Y: 74 / Z: 38

A lot of Clay.

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i cant get out :(

i didn't spawn in a dungeon, but i did in a sand land with cacti.

Oh and i found a natural water and lava farm, with gold and redstone at: x 0.3, y 14.0, z 7.4

if you cant get out mash f and dig up

Diamonds:) at x -110 z -14

how ya get out ? i cant get out >:0

who has seen slime before

Massive hole in da ground at x:-73
Ride the waterfall down and find every single ore in the game and a spider dungeon and lava...
Go and explore it ;)

There is a lava spring near the dungeon, so you don't spawn in completle darkness.

i spawned in the dungeon and i could not get out and there was lava coming out the side of the wall so i died with the chest items and thy all burned :(

Destroy the sandstone to escape

u suck dude really bad worse place finally got out of dungeon but got sufocated with sand... but lived >:(

The Way to get out is to keep jumping when the sand falls

Ok guys I see you have problems so let me explain you! When I first came in this weird spawnpoint I saw the lava and I quickly with my hand took the chest and the and the stuffs fell down and I pick them up. Then I climbed on the mob spawner and wait til the lava stops moving. Then I started to dig the sandstone from the top of the dungeon and the sand fell down so I dig them too. With that sand I stopped the lava in the entrance of the dungeon and I put all sands on the rest of lava that leave in the dungeon til the lava disappeared. OK, now when the lava is gone i easily get out of the dungeon with a little help from sand and gravel (that I found in the cave down under the dungeon)!
Now I'm outside of the dungeon and I can keep living in this awesome seed! ;) No problems guys! Any questions?

Finally a spawn in a dungeon!

Tons of clay, more than in the above picture,at X 291, Y 66, Z 228. And does anyone know where I could find some sugarcane?

Awesome! A Spawn in a dungeon!


you know you can put it on createve

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