Airplanes Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: Airplanes

This seed is very nice. Really. There are beautiful mountain, lots of trees, a very large icedesert... and some other stuff that I wont tell you, so find out by yourself^^.No, seriously, this map is very cool.

Spawn points

X: 8 / Y: 65 / Z: -18


X: -200 / Y: 80 / Z: 100

This is the damn gratest ice-desert you have ever seen in your live, i mean like EVAR! It‘s so big that you can see a full horizon without anything but ice. Could make you feel loneley.

X: -193 / Y: 65 / Z: 5

LOL WUT? That‘s what you might think when you see this iceblock-water-probably-floating-into-a-black-hole-thing. I don‘t really know what‘s suposed to be. But its funny. Somehow

X: -217 / Y: 130 / Z: 230

Theese trees are so high (no drugs, I mean height) , that the minecraft god or anyone else took a giant mower and cut off the whole top of them. I bet you didn‘t see this before

X: -381 / Y: 99 / Z: 143

It‘s a flat stone-coal-dirt plate. Thats all.

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This makes me want to get minecraft sooooooooooooooo bad

OMG!! you know you can get minecraft for free?

That's a lot a snow

wow lot and lots of ice

I like your description ;D

Comment "Vocaloid rules the world" and when there are 10 of them, I will do into that black hole.

Typo- I meant GO into that black hole.


this is the most incredible seed ever. Although i have one where there is like a crescent of snow

i know right i lve the snow

how do i download it?

Download what?

easily press the "download" button which is right of the seed.

I can tell from the cartograph that this has a small chunk error. ;)

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