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Seed Code: base


This seed is an incredible seed that I decided to name due to my craving of making a base. I had discovered a very wierd canyon with flowing magma and water, and a floating piece of land above it. Then, I found (randomly, and amazingly) a DUNGEON in the side of another mountain! Who would've known!

Spawn points

X: -27 / Y: 65 / Z: -5


X: 101 / Y: 99 / Z: 247

This is the hanging mountain I was talking about.

X: -404 / Y: 78 / Z: -6

Here's the dungeon! It has a spider spawner in it!

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You should delete "2 in 1 Seed!" from the title, because this website uses the title as exact seed name.

Ah, ok

Congratulations. Was it worth it?

cooooooooooool xD

Is this seed for all seeds

unbelievable! this is tha mom of the mom of tha seeds!

xd dx dx dx dx dx cooll :)

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