DevideByZero Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: DevideByZero

You may have heard of this one before. Because its cool. You spawn near a big mountain that is next to other big mountains. You find many trees, some waterfalls and even a flat area at (620|70|350). All locations are quite far away from the spawnpoint, so you wil have to walk around and discover the world a bit to reach them.

Spawn points

X: -44 / Y: 65 / Z: 12


X: 650 / Y: 70 / Z: 260

You have seen big waterfalls. You might also have seen big lavafalls. But have you seen both of them in such a perfect harmony, side by side? I bet not.

X: 385 / Y: 115 / Z: 490

The best tree you can discover. It grows on 3 dirt blocks that fly around without any connection to the surface.

X: 490 / Y: 100 / Z: 100

Dungeons are quite rare. Dungeons in mountains are even rarer. But here is one. Not very easy to find, the entry is at a side of a mountain. Alternatively, you can just dig downwards from (490|110|100). In the chest, you can find one bucket, two brads, three iron ingots and one string.

X: 390 / Y: 100 / Z: 420

Just a flying plate. Its cool becouse its so simple. And Flat.

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This is really cool i'll try it

Just started on this seed and Im already addicted to it!

There is some clay at x:118 y:64 z:152

Yo! how do u make Cartograph mapS?

The cartograph maps are made with the Cartograph Map Tool by Gameslinder. I think if you want to get the tool now, you would need to pay a bit for it, though.

Waterfall and lava fall lol

On cartograph map can you please spot out the spawn? Thanks.

OK, done.
If you have any problems finding any places - well, press F3 (displays coordinates)

That's a big tree 0_0

ROFL! Big-badass-arrow-saying-spawn-arrow! Nice map!!! (also trying right now!)

i am at the spot where the water and lava is but there is no lava there and i had to start the waterfall

Oh my freaking God!For every ignorant person on this site:The seed is the title! What else could it be?! you get the coordinates by pressing f3. you take a screenshot by pressing f2.And to see your player, press f5. Okay, rant over, I'm good now.

There is no lava, and the water is in a different spot, and geniuso get a life -_-

WTF I can't not find the lava and water fall plock u men

Oh shut up LordValtheran.

i agree with geniuso

shut upLordValtheran

the flat floating platform can be a perfect place for a houce XD

i need help my seed is pretty awsome and some people have those bloxks with pumpkins or spawners how do i add those and how do i add a video preview and a cartograph map?

sorry, this is not possible on user created seeds.

geniuso I've heard that exact comment somewhere else loooooooolz

I made a house at the flat area on the pc hope can on Xbox 360 Edition works.

other then the spawner in the mountain and the water/lavafall this seeds not to good

other then the spawner in the mountain and the water/lavafall this seeds not to good

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