Diamonds Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: Diamonds

Diamonds is a snow and ice world with a very huge dungeon, some daylight lavalakes and some cool mountains. You also have to check out the giant underground waterfall shown at screenshot 6. Go to (80|70|2), and you will find a hole leading you to the waterfall. PROTIP: go to <a href="http://minecraft-seeds.net/view/34/Mojang">the Mojang Seed</a> to find over 14 diamonds and lots of other ores.

Spawn points

X: 88 / Y: 66 / Z: 84


X: -66 / Y: 63 / Z: -163

The entry to a realy big dungeon. You can spend really much time to explore the hole thing. Maybe you will find some underground waterfall, lots of coal and iron ore, even a small room with two chests and a monster spawner.

X: -50 / Y: 50 / Z: -200

This is a giant room inside the dungeon of locaion 1. If you find that place, you will be able to get very much iron ore, very much coal and you can get to many other places of the dungeon like the waterfalls.

X: -20 / Y: 72 / Z: -256

Its a daylight lavalake. At night, you will find many animals around it.

X: -35 / Y: 75 / Z: -250

The lake form location 3. Dig straight under the wodden blocks to find DIAMONDS!! But be careful. If you dig too deep, you will fall into lava.

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creepernation is better.

Sounds cool time to try Mojang is my favurite so far so lets see .... :)

yea i quitre like this found a lavafall and all the pigs and cows etc burn on it i just stand there and loot

made a nice glass castle from the sand near the lakes

I found a bunch of clay at
X: 69
Y: 64
Z: 71
:D Hope this helps some people!

more diamonds in cavern just above the one you have as the 3rd diamond icon. coordinates are...
x= -276
y= 17
z= 378

glad to help and thanks for the awesome seed :)

4-5 more diamonds in that same cave


explored cavern for a few minutes and found 8 more diamond! im only like half the way done exploring this cave!!!!

red mushrooms at x:-12 y:72 z:-40

couldnt find that clay and on the third diamond icon do you look for the diamonds in the cave?

Nice seed.

i know that this will sound like a stupid question, but i cant seem to find the seed code, could someone tell me what it is? thanks :)

The Seedcode IS Diamonds

worstseedever has more ores than this! it also gives you a headstart as you get 3 iron bars from the surface dungeon! and then it leads to a huge cave with tons of diamond!

Something wierd happpened when I did this seed.Last night, My computer bluescreened and I lost my very developed world on worstseedever. Today, when I typed this seed in to create a new world, it made my lost world! I still had nothing in my inventory, but i had my diamond pickaxe and all other important stuff in chests, so no loss.

naaaa im sorry its not good enough worstseedever FTW

Say this is truly the first seed I typed in on my own without leaving the seed thing blank.Lol why am i not sayin things?LOL I'm using the "nether," seed and i haven't found the cave near the spawn thing.

I found 84 clay at
Now look I'm not good with coordinates so please don't complain.Oh and what mod did you use when making this video?

In my world, there was a nice little pumpkin patch next to the lava lake. and there was a FRICKIN GIANT HOLE IN THE GROUND near the pumpkins.

Ok, everyone needs to spread this around. copy and paste this onto like every seed desc. on this website. for anyone who asks wut the seed name is, ITS THE NAME AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE. THATS WHAT YOU TYPE IN. now nobody be hatin now and sayin stuff like "oh stfu, why u gotta be mean man" i just put it in caps to make it noticable

Many many many many many many diamonds.
Very good when you are lockind for minerals.
It is one of the best. :-)

Lots of diamonds

How come when i spawn, i appear on random small island in the middle of nowhere??

at the cordnates x -353 y-505 z13 theres a mine shaft

Any more good locations?

Are there any slimes on this seed?

Dungeon at x-219 y53 z250 have fun

i like it

Add me on xbox im a Minecraft Legend my name on xbox is Xi LegendZz iZ

for me i found no diamonds at all!

Where is the Wood? Coordinates?

nice seed sadly dont work anymore

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