flatgrass Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: flatgrass

The epic quest for flat seeds continues!


X: -375 / Y: 71 / Z: 257


X: -330 / Y: 73 / Z: 790

More flatness.

X: 68 / Y: 73 / Z: 793

Snowy flatness.

X: 5 / Y: 65 / Z: 977

This is madness.

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now i know where to go for building! even the cartograph is flat!

This seed is EPIC.
The flat areas are really great spots do building huge constructions and it also has a lot of deep caves, easy to find iron, redstone and even diamonds, but I found a kind hard to find some gold and lapis lazuli, but that's fine.

a lot of trees around, snow and beach are close to the flat areas... epic map. :D

omfg floating island at
x: -28
y: 73
z: -146

x: -8
y: 65
z: -140

The water is too lazy to fall in this place, lol.

Can someone put a seed for me? The seed is veganbrownie.

I found a mob spawner, and the chest gave me a green CD

It's the first time I saw a CD without cheating lol

- 1012

okay, i'll stop flooding

ya its preety cool but I like a few moutains here and there

really nic, but where do i find the seeds, lowl

/i seeds

awesome map :D

Found a BUNCH of diamonds in one cave - over 10, I'm talking. Coordinates are -
x: -296
y: 15
z: 254
Aaaannddd -
x: -333
y: 16
z: 264

You can get into this cavern by digging down to the listed second Dungeon coordinates - however there was no dungeon there for me :/ Just all these caves and DIAMONDS, so I'm not too bent up, haha! Watch out for lava though, it'll get you if you're not watching.

woooow amazing seed!! All great but the coordinates of the 2nd dungeon aren't correct! Please fix then :P

/i seeds

I think I'll use this seed. It has great places for building! :-)

I found a BIG hole... very big :O at:

i made it red planet a thing i made up with my friends its where a virus spreads making humans zombies and creatures called red hoppers wich can make people zombies and theres roots u can place to make it peaceful in a 20 blocks squared radias

How do I get the Co-ordinates? I have a really awesome seed and I am on a mac and dont know how to get the ss's

push F3 Shadow_Testr...

/i seeds

These seeds aren't the same on 1.8 :(

We are already uploading the first 1.8 Seeds.

/i seeds

/i seeds

Is there anyone who can direct me to a save file for this seed? now that it no longer works with 1.8 it would be greatly appreciated!!! I really want to play on this map

this is #%:">?,.][';

You know why dont you go play it on 1.7.3 or 1.6.6

I bet this is gonna be an amazing seed

Does this seed work on the Xbox 360 Editon of Minecraft?? :) /i seeds

notoriogoast (sorry if i spelt it wrong) i know a seed that spawns you near a dungeon its 888

this seed works on the xbox360 edition and its EPIC, there is a huge cave system(not telling where that's a suprise) and has diamonds like no other and trons of trons of iron. I didn't have to even jump that much b/c it's so flat. There is a lava pool with a tree burning by it, wierd.

how do i download this? It looks AWESOME!!

/i seed

/i seeds

/I seeds

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