givemeasnowworld Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: givemeasnowworld

The special thing about this seed is that there is only one spawnpoint, that throws you into perfect darkness. Once outside, you will find a small desert, much water and some nice-looking mountains.

Spawn points

X: 1 / Y: 70 / Z: 1


X: 1 / Y: 70 / Z: 1

Your spawnpoint. Did you notice anything special? Nooo...
Exept the fact that its dark as hell. You start in a cave, with a lake and absolutely NO connection to the daylight. Seems like you have to remove some blocks to get out.

X: 87 / Y: 84 / Z: -230

A normal daylight lavafall. But somehow this ordinary lavafall manages it, to burn down the entire vegetation of this seed. If you like the picture of a tree burning down, you will fall in love with this lavafall. If you like, you can give it a name. What about Pyro?

X: 50 / Y: 70 / Z: -90

Once, at a time long ago, the mighty templars found this cave in a mountain and stashed their treasures there. Unfortunately, the treasures are gone by now, but the templars left a sign. If you wat to translate this sign, try something like "templar was here".

X: 55 / Y: 85 / Z: -170

This little pumpkin loved to play hide and seek with his friends. Under some trees, he found the perfect place to hide. But then, a big fire came and burned all trees down. Poor him. The end.

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You, sir, are my personal hero!

Beautiful Pumpkin Story, want more!

If you like pumpkins, check out the seed "Hallo".
It's really cool and has lots of pumpkins.

Lol fire from lava

More lava in the map of the map map of the map?

Excuse me ?

P.S. you forgot the lol

what are the gold spots on the cartograph map

The golden spots are burning trees, lighted by the lavafall of location 1

Uh hipo from slyfoxs youtube hipo hipo hipo hipo hipo hipo hipo hipo the slime

Something is wrong. :( I wonder if map generation has been tweaked in some way. I went to the point where the lavafall should be and there is nothing. No lava, no fire. I even tried recreating the world a couple times, though that shouldn't make a difference.

Well, now, fire does not burn forever. You are safe.

you wanted a snow world but you got quite the oppisite

For those of you who need to know, you spawn in the middle of an underground lake near the surface in complete darkness. Just punch some sandstone to get out


Oh noes D: I hope it doesnt burn down the forest! poor wolves will have no home :(

Oh my freaking God!For every ignorant person on this site:The seed is the title! What else could it be?! you get the coordinates by pressing f3. you take a screenshot by pressing f2.And to see your player, press f5. Okay, rant over, I'm good now.

I don't see the lava fall!

Gotta love the responcive admins but i don't understand the y: z: x: thing i know there are the cooridinates but i am terrible at directions and math could you please help me out?

Press F3 in Minecraft and there will be your x,y,z coordinates at the top left corner. You will soon figure out yourself in which direction you have to go.

wow... play this seed in 1.8.1 update and to your right is a huge hole in the ground with some lava, water, and i saw some minerals such as gold and coal. I was able to get down by falling into water while jumping.

First seed I ever used.
I spawned in darkness and didn't know what to do...

Wheres the Snow ?

Z X & Y

this place sucks

this place sucks

Shiiiiiiit. Ihate surface lava falls, but EVERY SINGLE
FUCKING TREE!? That is fucking ridiculous!

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