Hallo Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: Hallo

Do you like Pumpkins? Of course you do. Since we all love pumpkins, we all love this seed. It‘s a tree-mountain-world with a sea with sand and stuff. And everywhere you‘ll find them - pumpkins! Looking at you. Staring. At least a bit scary.

Spawn points

X: -20 / Y: 67 / Z: -300


X: 150 / Y: 70 / Z: -34

Pumpkin partys. Many pumpkins chillin out together, minding their own buisness, philosophizing about life and the universe, things like that. You can find more of that groups at (200|70|43), (100|50|120), (75|70|-180) and maybe some more places.

X: 197 / Y: 60 / Z: -245

This is a small lavafall that falls straight into a small lake. Underwater, the game somehow fails to turn the lava into cobblestone, so you have cool lavalamp-like light underwater!

X: 200 / Y: 60 / Z: -170

One of those half-flying mountains. It does‘t really
fly, but it isn‘t an ordinary mountain either. Some half-baked stuff.

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yeah, this is a pretty awesome seed. why has it that few views? O.o

Nice big map and some awesome features!

just started on this seed and found 33 clay at 148| 65|-255

Found 2 Spawners so far:

1. Zombie spawner at:


2. Spider Spawner


Found a few buckets, wheats, breads, irons in the chests. Enjoy!

cool map big loads of pumkins

I spawned at -111

Cool pumpkins!

DAMN RIGHT WE LOVE PUMPKINS!!! this is gonna be my youtube co-op map :)

1.gather pumpkins near spawn
2.admier pumpkins that ive gathered
3. put pumpkin on head and become gangster
4.collest stuff for house
5.look for more plumpkins...i spelt like that on pupose

Hey, hey plumpkin, hey

so many different spawn points

foundz dungeon while going tnt ballistic
X: 52
Y: 60
Z: -481

not sure what it is or whats in it because all thats left is some cobblestone and mosstone rubble XD

I excavated it out of some other rubble and it appears to maybe be 2 dungeons fused together

Am i right that the sender a dutchman is?

The Sender ?

Hey,admin, I cant find any of the pumpkins. I went to the coordinantes.

Sorry for that, this Seed has been tested in Beta 1.3 and the Seed Generator has slightly changed so some things like Clay or Pumpkins are not where they used to be.


Hey Admin can you add/check out Nomad seed?


Admin, What's Your Name, Where's Your Location and There's No Pumpkin In the Seed also how do you use Detector Rails

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