in_Hell Minecraft Beta 1.3 - Beta 1.7.3 Seed

Seed Code: in_Hell

Two words to describe this seed: Water trees. Thats what you'll find here.

Spawn points

X: -200 / Y: 70 / Z: 118


X: -60 / Y: 80 / Z: -85

Do you like water? Do you like questons like this? There are some on this site. However, if you like water, here you go. A big ass ocean

X: -90 / Y: 100 / Z: 230

Take description of location 1. Replace "water" with "trees"

X: 150 / Y: 80 / Z: 100

A small lake, a small waterfall, some trees and grass and stuff. A perfect holiday place

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Looks nice ^^

nice place to build an underwater atlantis !

Pumpkins at x87 y97 z5. Also a very nice view.

If you explore a full map with your spawnpoint as the center point, you'll find a few cool places. One particular point of interest is the above ground dungeon found at (258.34, 72.62, -232.04) (x, y, z). Sand has fallen into it, and it marks the locations of the spawner and the two treasure chests.

Another dungeon at:
x: 220.59
y: 68.62
z: -196.71

Oh my freaking God!For every ignorant person on this site:The seed is the title! What else could it be?! you get the coordinates by pressing f3. you take a screenshot by pressing f2.And to see your player, press f5. Okay, rant over, I'm good now.

It still doesn't make sense to me, I type "in_Hell" into the seed box, but it still creates a random map...

Nevermind I got it. Awesome map I love it!

It took a while for me to get to the lake! Yet once I got there I was shocked at the amount of small caves and trees that surround the lake. I'm in the process of making a cubist house, with a sea base directly below it! so excited!

Um i spawned in the goddamn ocean

Hey geniuso, what is the seed?


in hell?so hell froze off?


admin no trolling

A map from my worst nightmares... so closed... no large, empty spaces to mass produce buildings... SAVE ME CHEATS!!!!! And BISH DON'T YOU TELL THE ADMIN WHAT TO DO!!!

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